What's your 'Culver Quotient?'
September 17, 2020

Ten years ago some friends and I went to a concert at White River State Park in Indianapolis. On the way home we stopped by a Steak ‘n Shake to grab a bite. Other concert-goers had the same idea: the place was packed, loud, and understaffed.

After finishing our steakburgers, somewhere in the bustle of getting our checks, hitting the restroom, and getting in the car, I assumed that one of my buddies was paying for my food in exchange for something I bought him at the concert. Half an hour later, when he dropped me off at home and I said “thanks for the snack,” he replied that he only paid for his own, not mine. At this moment I realized that I had unintentionally “dined and dashed!”

In essence, I’d stolen $7 from Steak ‘n Shake.

The next morning, on my way to work, I stopped into that same restaurant and told the kid at the counter what happened. He was confused, unsure what to do, and he finally said “it was just $7 – don’t worry about it.” I handed him $7, insisted that he put it in the register, and watched him do it.

No one can prove a negative, but I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that had I not had the great fortune to attend Culver Summer Schools & Camps and Culver Military Academy I would not even have gone back to that restaurant to right my wrong. After all, it was just $7, right? Wrong.

The intentional training in virtues and values that builds integrity and character is Culver’s “raison d’etre”; it’s what makes this institution stand apart from other storied, college-preparatory schools. Here, students not only develop their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and their Emotional Quotient (EQ), they build their “Culver Quotient (CQ).”

On this, our rebranded blog now known as The Culver Cannon, you’ll read stories about how current students, alumni, faculty, staff, campers, and parents use their “CQ” to positively impact others. You’ll read about current events on our campus. And finally, you’ll find helpful posts in which subject matter experts in our community share their thoughts and advice on a variety of topics.

Welcome to The Culver Cannon. I hope you enjoy reading about all the wonderful people who make Culver Academies so distinctive, as well as the stuff that constitutes the Culver Quotient.

It’s a great day to be an Eagle!

Scott F. Johnson ’94 W ’89
Director of Marketing and Communications

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