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Named regimental commander twice during her career
July 21, 2016
Kathleen Wells

Kathleen Wells

Kathleen Wells (Grand Rapids, Mich.) is keeping some exclusive company. In 2013, she was named the regimental commander for the final make of Woodcraft Camp. And last week she found out she would be the regimental commander for Upper School for the final two weeks.

It is a feat that has not happened often, according to Culver Summer Schools & Camps officials, and doing so on your final make in each camp would be even more difficult. (If you have been the regimental commander of both camps during final make, or know of someone who has, please leave a comment below.)

Her appointment was made before everyone in Upper School. The new officers were being announced and regimental commander was saved for last. “I was very surprised,” Wells said. “Very excited, very grateful, and very surprised.”

Wells was nominated by her head counselor Jenna Wright. She was interviewed and then selected from the pool of nominated students.

Being Woodcraft regimental commander really didn’t give her an edge, she said. But she already knows she can handle the parade routine, standing before the entire corps on the field and the parents in the stands. “I have already done it,” she said. And that builds confidence. “That helps a lot.”

But you can’t really compare the two positions. Woodcraft is more “an award that you win,” Wells explained. There isn’t a lot of responsibility. The regimental commander position in Upper School, though, involves “a lot more responsibility and work. It’s definitely more difficult.”

A member of Deck 4, Wells is finishing her eighth summer at Culver. Adding the title regimental commander to her resume – not once, but twice – is just icing on the cake.

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