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Sword & Sabre Awards presented
July 20, 2016

Ten Upper School students were honored at the Sword and Sabre Awards ceremony during the July 19 retreat. The ceremony honors those students who have earned specific officer positions during the final make of Culver Summer Schools & Camps.

Regimental Commander Kathleen Wells (Grand Rapids, Mich.) was presented the Yarnell Sabre, named for Adm. Harry E. Yarnell, director of the Culver Naval School from 1943-1949.  The sabre had originally been presented to Yarnell by the members of the company he commanded as a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy upon his graduation in 1897. It was worn by him throughout his 46 years of distinguished service in the Navy. Yarnell requested that his sabre be carried each summer by the student selected as final Regimental Commander.

Nadeen Abu Taleeb (Amman, Jordan) received the Maj. George A. Runkle Sword and Belt, awarded to the deputy commander for girls. Runkle is a veteran of World War II and served on active duty with the United States Army for 20 years before retiring in 1961. He was a member of the Culver Military Academy faculty for 16½ years. Fourteen of those years were also spent at the Culver Summer Schools. He served as the Upper Camp military coordinator from 1991 through 1996. It was under his guidance that girls started their integration into the military program.

Conner Henderson (Westfield, Ind.) received the Bill Baker Sabre, which was donated to Culver by John Black NB’64 upon his graduation. Black requested the sabre be presented to the band commander in memory of Bill Baker who was the commander of the band in 1962. Baker was a First Class officer who demanded a striving for excellence from all Bandsmen in all areas but demanded the most of himself. He died unexpectedly in 1963.

Cristobal Riojas (Guadalajara, Mexico) received the Alex J. Storckman Sabre, which is to be carried by the First Naval Battalion Commander.  The sabre was given in memory of Cadet Lt. Alex Storckman who served as the Band commander in 1983.

Maxwell Coleman (Midland, Mich.) received the Andre Kevin Guyton Memorial Sabre. The sabre is to be carried by the Second Naval Battalion Commander in memory of Cadet Lt. Guyton. Guyton served as a Naval Battalion Commander in 1979 and also graduated from CMA.  He passed away in 1980.

Pat and Judy McNarny presented the McNarny Sabre to Chang-Soo Hyun (West Lafayette, Ind.).  The sabre is presented to the Aviation 1st sergeant in memory of Michael L. McNarny, an outstanding aviation cadet who died in 1983, following his second class year.

The Lt. Col. Alan G. Cornet Sword was presented to Aksel Swennumson (Alamo, Calif.). The Culver Summer School Class of 1988. requested the sword be carried by the regimental sergeant major in memory of Lt. Col. Cornet, who was a veteran of  World War II and Korea and served as the Summer School military coordinator for many years.

The Stubblefield-Carlson Super Two Sabre was presented to Ignacio Landa (Acapulco, Mexico). Werner William Stubblefield was regimental commander in 1976, America’s Bi-Centennial. He was a proud member of Naval 2 that won the naval, athletic, and military banners and the “E” in 1976. The Stubblefield family donated the sabre in memory of his uncle, Capt. John Werner Carlson of the United States Air Force. Carlson was the Naval 2 company commander in 1955. He was a highly decorated fighter pilot, receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross, The Air Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters, The Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart. He was killed in action Dec. 7, 1966, flying his final mission in Vietnam.

Fadi Nuqul (Amman, Jordan) was presented the Edwin Nelson James, Jr. Memorial Sabre, which is presented to the Naval 3 company commander. Donated by Colin Campbell N’08, the sabre honors the memory of Nelson James, who died shortly after graduating from Upper School. It is given to the Naval 3 first classman who shows the attributes of perserverance, positive attitude, sense of humor, and commitment to improving himself and his company. Counselor Sylvie Job made the presentation.

Joshua Lacoste (Brunswick, Ohio) received the Miller-Meeker Sabre, which is carried by the cadet selected as the final make Regimental Naval Activities Officer. The sabre is presented by Tim Miller N’65 and member of the summer naval staff for 27 years, serving as director since 2011, and Adam Meeker N’08.

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