Setting her own pace
January 8, 2020

It’s the perfect time to be a freelancer in Los Angeles. And Kacie Hermanson ’12 is taking advantage of that.

The explosion of streaming services and the competition to garner viewers – especially children through young adults – has created a constant need for storyboard artists like Hermanson.

She recently completed work on a new 20-episode series for Netflix called “Inside Job.” While her work is completed, Netflix just recently announced the show was coming out. She is now in talks with Disney TV about a potential position on another new series. She has also worked for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers.

Her work recently attracted the attention of VoyageLA, a web magazine, which recently featured a story on her in December.

Hermanson’s sketches of a unnamed character she has created.

Hermanson has been a big fan of cartoons since she was 10. She was heavily involved in the art program at Culver, and she studied animation at New York University. She did a summer internship at Nickelodeon in Los Angeles and another in New York with “Sesame Street.”

Following graduation, she landed a job on the Warner Brothers show, “Unikitty.” After the show ended its run, she freelanced for Cartoon Network before joining the “The Loud House” team at Nickelodeon.  

It was while she was working at Nickelodeon, she could feel something wasn’t quite right. Everything was fine and the people were great, she explained, but she could also feel her work beginning to slip.

“It was fun (as seen above by her Spiderman outfit for Nickelodeon’s Halloween party), but it was stressful,” she said, admitting some of that stress was self-imposed. “I had worked pretty much two years straight without any real time off. I could tell my work was starting to suffer.”

Now, she takes time off to replenish herself creatively, finds time for her friends and dog, Archer (No, he’s not named after the cartoon character.), and come home to Culver for the holidays.

While work is plentiful, Hermanson still has to search and bid for it. She usually finds work through her industry connections and word-of-mouth. While the Animation Guild requires that all available jobs be publicly posted, Hermanson said the positions are often already filled by people with those inside connections.

As a storyboard artist, Hermanson’s work depends on the concept being used. The show can be script-driven or storyboard-driven. With the storyboard concept, which she prefers, the artists are provided an outline for each episode so they know where the characters are heading. They then draw the scenes based on the outline.

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