Three new Forge Your Future videos have been added to the Culver Academies YouTube channel. The videos cover three different aspects of the Culver Experience: Horsemanship, Parents, and International Students.
September 26, 2014


Keeping Stride: Tradition Built on Determination is the Horsemanship video that covers the history of the department, the many opportunities offered students, and the educational and character-building aspects of riding.

Value Today for a Stronger Tomorrow features current parents explaining why they chose Culver for their students and answers many of the questions new and prospective parents have about boarding schools in general and Culver specifically.

Expanding Horizons is directed toward prospective international students and their parents. Current students talk openly about their experiences traveling and living abroad. The video also answers international parents’ questions concerning their children’s health and safety while away from home.

With YouTube now second most popular search engine, Culver is able to reach out to a wider audience with its dedicated channel. It gives you, the viewer, a faster download speed. The channel can be easily integrated with Facebook, allowing you to share their favorite videos.

You can subscribe to the channel so you can be notified when additional videos are added, including additional Forge Your Future videos. There is also a dedicated channel available for Culver Summer Schools & Camps, which you can be access through the Culver Academies Channel.

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