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Mother Nature turns Third Class Challenge into mud run.
July 13, 2015

The inaugural Third Class Challenge Course conducted on June 26 was trying to steer clear of the traditional “Mud Run” moniker, but Mother Nature’s drenching rains that day probably stamped the name on the event for all time.

Running the course was the culmination of orientation week for first-year Upper Campers, boys and girls. Designed by Col. Warren Foersch, Maj. Kevin Green, Geoff Standfast, and several volunteers, the experience is intended to bring the units closer together through a series of individual physical challenges and team-building exercises. By reinforcing the lessons they had learned during their first week on campus, increasing their group cohesion, and advancing their development, the program helps them become emerging leaders.

The challenge course was constructed through the Bird Sanctuary and ended in Lake Maxinkuckee near the Naval Building. First and second-classmen worked with the Military Department to build the course. There were eight obstacles that tested the ability of the new campers to solve a problem as a group. Each obstacle was designed to also require high levels of cooperation and collaboration among the members of each unit.

At the garrison parade on June 27, the new campers were officially recognized as third-classmen and welcomed as members of the Corps and their units. Watch the video for more.

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