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From hair bows to comfortable shoes to lucky nuts, campers, counselors, and instructors bring it all to Culver Summer Schools & Camps
July 13, 2015

What would be the most important thing you would pack if you were coming to spend six weeks at Culver Summer Schools & Camps? We asked Upper Campers, Woodcrafters, counselors, and instructors and here is what they said:

  • “My stuffed turtle named Timothy.” – Hannah Fody (Winter Park, Colo.) Woodcraft
  • Jack Anders holding his lucky charm

    Jack Anders holding his lucky charm. Culver photo/Jan Garrison

    “My lucky nut. My dad has the same one, too, and we have our names written on them.” – Jack Anders (Anchorage, Alaska) Upper Camp

  • “My lock box.” – Jayla Parks (Fairfield, Ohio) Woodcraft
  • “My hair bows.” – Georgia Rice (Valparaiso, Ind.) Woodcraft
  • “My Grumpy Cat keychain for my backpack.” – Skylar Bogardus (Las Vegas, Nev.) Upper Camp
  • “My toothbrush.” – Natalie Peric (Tampa, Fla.) Upper Camp
  • “My trumpet.” – Ivan Murray (Columbus, Ohio) Woodcraft
  • “Shampoo and conditioner.” – Anna Pritchard (Cincinnati, Ohio) Woodcraft
  • “My MP3 player.” – Roman Grimes (West Bloomfield, Mich.) Woodcraft
  • “My new blue and lime green swimming trunks.” – Reid Omilian (Vail, Colo.) Woodcraft
  • “My blankie.” – Charlotte Fody (Winter Park, Colo.) Woodcraft
  • “Toothbrush, nametag, swimsuit.” – Sarah Stackhouse ’14, junior counselor
  • “Alarm clock.” – Ted Booher NB’51, golf instructor
  • “Comfortable shoes.” – Carol Cornwell, English teacher
  • “Lesson plans.” – Jim David, coastal navigation instructor
  • “A fan.” – Sarah Cho ’12, water ski instructor

What was the most important item you packed when you came to camp? Let us know in the comment section below.

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