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Fourth year of operation
December 3, 2019

The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur at Culver Academies is accepting applications for the third round of paid summer internships for qualified juniors or second classmen. The summer 2020 internships would run for six to eight weeks.

Last summer, Heather MacNab ’20 (Carmel, Indiana) managed and operated The Rubin Café on campus. Jacob Page ’20 (Granger, Indiana) worked for Level Up Development in Indianapolis.

Heather MacNab

MacNab served the operator/barista at The Rubin Café during Culver Summer Schools & Camps. She was responsible for opening the shop, counting the money, making the drinks, cleaning, ordering the inventory, balancing the cash drawer, closing, and making deposits at the end of each day.

“An early learning experience was staying organized in managing the whole business: inventory, finance, marketing and mechanics,” she explained. “I had to constantly sharpen my drink-making skills, while keeping track of items that were on low supply, and the daily financial reports.”

This was particularly difficult, she said, since she had to do it on her own “without a reminder from anyone other than myself.” She was also responsible for marketing the café to the Upper Campers who were coming and going through the Roberts Hall of Science foyer for classes.

“I learned accountability, further developed my people skills, and consistently improved my drink-making techniques, organization, scheduling, and overall game plan on how I ran the café,” she added. She would recommend the opportunity to another Culver student “because the skills I developed are ones I could never have learned in a classroom.”

Jacob Page with the Miclot Business Plan Competition judges Phillip Marquell (left), Ashley Martin ’03, and Brian Christner ’79.

Jacob Page

Level Up Development is a software and hardware development company based in Indianapolis. Page’s role was initially to research areas for potential IoT (Internet of Things) products within the realm of industrial automation and Smart City development.

Page said after a decision was made and there was a need to develop air quality sensors, his work turned to researching, coding, and physically building prototypes.

“The biggest takeaways I had were how the corporate setting feels and how to work well with others to get the required tasks done,” Page said. “This was an awesome experience that I am very glad I had the opportunity to take part in.”

Page took second place in the Miclot Business Competition in October with his IoT Smart Crops sensor designed for small farmers. The device would allow farmers to better manage their crops by measuring the temperature, humidity, and soil moisture content. The sensor would send its data to an app on the farmer’s phone. It would be powered by a small solar cell.

How the program works

The internship program is designed to discover, nurture, and develop young entrepreneurs by awarding them the opportunity to actively work with challenging and innovative companies that provide meaningful and significant work experience, along with direct supervision and mentoring from practicing professionals.

The application process involves submission of work history, faculty recommendations, interviews with a faculty screening committee, and a final application and interview with a potential host company. Fields represented will be as varied as marketing, advertising, sales, investment planning, engineering and design, finance, social media, entertainment, and fashion.

The final selection will be based on company need, student skills and interest, and will be solely at the discretion of the host company. Applicants must be students in good standing at Culver Academies. Interested students may contact Alex Kurrelmeier, the director of The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur.

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