October 1, 2013

Culver Academies may become one of the first secondary schools – if not the first – to incorporate a Bloomberg terminal into its curriculum. The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur hosted Dragana Stojisaljevic and Chantal Mckay from Bloomberg’s New York office on Sept. 26 for a two-hour session to explain how the program operates.

Several colleges across the country have Bloomberg terminals, they said, but they could not think of any secondary schools that have the program. The Bloomberg for Education program has been established to assist students and instructors in a variety of ways. By accessing Bloomberg through its special service, students are able to study business, finance, economics, and other disciplines like health care, energy, public policy, government, and real estate.

The two women demonstrated the Bloomberg program, which serves as a one-stop shop for most of the research information someone would need in any business-related field. This includes the latest news headlines from around the world, continuous feeds on the stock market, and tracking of business and financial trends. The Bloomberg television network is also available online.

The company has over 300.000 customers around the world, they said. Those customers are in government, law, energy, finance, and sports. Programs specifically designed for universities are the Bloomberg Aptitude Test and Bloomberg Essentials Training.

Using a specialized series of online videos, students can learn the Bloomberg Essentials and become certified in the core Bloomberg functionality and key market fundamentals. Additional videos cover more targeted topics. Being “Bloomberg certified” can serve as a major leap for college students looking for jobs or internships. If Culver adds a Bloomberg terminal(s), the students would be able to take the Bloomberg Essentials Training, which would give them an advantage over other students in the college application process, they said.

The Bloomberg Aptitude Test serves as recruiting platform for college students and financial employers. Designed to help students assess their aptitude across a range of finance, business, career and personal competencies, it has been taken by more than 110,000 students attending more than 1,000 colleges and universities in 58 countries since 2010. Not only does it serve as a way for students to test their current knowledge, it also serves as a way for them to define themselves as potential job applicants with employers. Bloomberg has helped initiate more than 21,000 conversations between employers and BAT-takers.

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