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Internship applications being taken now
January 11, 2019

The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur at Culver Academies is in the process of accepting applications for its second paid internship this summer for a qualified Culver Academies student. Any Culver junior or second classman may apply for a paid, six-to-eight week internship for the summer of 2019.

Wentiao (Tony) Ouyang ’19 (South Bend, Ind.) was the first intern under the program. He spent six weeks with the financial investment firm of Stifel-Nicolaus & Company/Cohen Group, in Carmel, Ind., mostly dealing with municipal bonds.

“It was very informative, very practical,” Ouyang said, adding he has been able to apply what he learned during his internship to help his family’s restaurant and other businesses. He wasn’t a big fan of Microsoft Excel, but he said he is a true convert after his internship. Using Excel, Ouyang developed a municipal bonds review tool that continually updates itself with the latest financial information.

Wentiao (Tony) Ouyang

“That was my beginning-to-end project,” he explained, saying he also had several smaller projects he worked on, too. The review tool has an algorithm built in that can take each customer’s financial goals and provide a list of the best municipal investments to meet their long-term investment strategy. Since the program automatically updates, the financial advisor always has the latest numbers readily available.

While working, Ouyang lived in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, taking advantage of a small Airbnb apartment that a relative had available. There was a great eatery across the street from Stifel, so he ate lunch there. For dinner, he would either explore one of the restaurants in the Broad Ripple neighborhood or cook for himself, which was easy since he has been working in his family’s restaurant, the Ichiban Golden Dragon in South Bend, since he was age 7. He is even a certified sushi chef.

For the restaurant, Ouyang has developed a computerized inventory program and an online ordering system. Since learning Excel, he has created a complete financial program. “Everything was done by hand before,” he said.

But there are some aspects of the business, you can’t do online. That includes weekend trips to various area markets to buy fresh produce and ingredients. Ouyang knows how much is needed based on the inventory control system. The fresh fish is ordered from Chicago or upper Michigan because there simply isn’t enough time to make the trips.

Ouyang also works at Fortune World LLC in South Bend, a commercial property management firm that operates a couple of strip malls, and he has flipped a few houses, too. And he operates a small e-commerce business. After taking an Apple-certified course with the intentions of opening his own mobile phone repair business, he decided to limit that to family and friends due to the lack of time. But, Ouyang did take the time to put his internship skills to use and set up his own investment portfolio. Heavy in the technologies sector, “I got beat up recently,” he laughed, “but it’s starting to come back.”

He is also using his Excel skills at Culver. A member of The Rubin School’s Eagle Outfitters group (top photo), Ouyang is in charge of the tracking the finances.

The internship program is designed to discover, nurture, and develop young entrepreneurs by awarding them the opportunity to actively work with challenging and innovative companies that provide meaningful and significant work experience, along with direct supervision and mentoring from practicing professionals.

The application process involves submission of work history, faculty recommendations, interviews with a faculty screening committee, and a final application and interview with a potential host company. Fields represented will be as varied as marketing, advertising, sales, investment planning, engineering and design, finance, social media, entertainment, and fashion.

The final selection will be based on company need, student skills and interest, and will be solely at the discretion of the host company. Applicants must be students in good standing at Culver Academies. Interested students may contact The Rubin School Director Alex Kurrelmeier.

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