The Culver Academies winter sports banquet was conducted Sunday (March 15) evening with 56 individuals being honored for their contributions over the season. A replay of the awards ceremony is available on High School Cube. People can also view this presentation of the individual award winners.
March 17, 2015

CGA Junior Varsity Basketball: Most Improved Player – Alena Valdez; Mental Attitude Award – Rylee McColly-Fleener

CGA Varsity Basketball: Most Improved Award – Kennedy Kubica; Mental Attitude Award – Grace Holzer; Most Valuable Player – Marie Steiner

CMA Freshmen Basketball: Most Improved Player – Harrison Steck; Coaches Award – Will LeVan; Most Valuable Player – Jake Rodgers

CMA Junior Varsity Basketball: Most Improved Player – Henry Zehner; Offensive Player Award – Dylan Powell; Defensive Player Award – Jake Young

CMA Varsity Basketball: Most Improved Player – Lorenzo Ricks; Offensive Player Award – Elijah Miller; Defensive Player Award – Rayford Dexter El

Junior Varsity Cheerleading: CHEER Spirit Award – Sofia Rodriguez; Most Improved Award – Emily Hartman

Cheerleading: Most Improved Award – Justin Neely; CHEER Spirit Award – Angel Bryant; Eagle Gold Star Cheer Award – Sam Baldwin

CGA Junior Varsity Fencing: Most Improved Fencer – Sierra Salerni; Coaches Award – Linnea Karahalios; ACE (Attitude, Commitment, Excellence) – Yu Jin Lee

CGA Varsity Fencing: Most Improved Fencer – Bea Verrecchia; Most Valuable Fencer – Megan Yeager; Fencer of the Year – Madison Berman

CMA Junior Varsity Fencing: Most Improved Fencer – Max Baldwin; Coaches Award – Allen Xu; ACE (Attitude, Commitment, Excellence) – Troy Shen

CMA Varsity Fencing: Most Improved Fencer – Wootae Jeon; Most Valuable Fencer – Theo Browne; Fencer of the Year – Michael Abrell

CGA Hockey: Eagle Expectation Award – Olivia Hirschy; Al Clark Coaches Award – Hannah Fisher; Most Valuable Player – Bailee Brekke

CMA Varsity B Hockey: Eagle Expectation Award – David Nelson; Al Clark Coaches Award – Alex Krupp; Most Valuable Player – Timmy Perea

CMA U16 Hockey: Eagle Expectation Award – Nick Cefalu; Al Clark Coaches Award – Nate Clurman; Most Valuable Player – Nolan Walker

CMA Varsity A Hockey: Eagle Expectation Award – Logan Badalich; Al Clark Coaches Award – Luke Merrick; Most Valuable Player – Peyton Frantti

CMA Prep Hockey: Eagle Expectation Award – Jack Surowiec; Al Clark Coaches Award – Dom Garcia; Henderson Hockey Award – Jamie Collins

CGA Swimming and Diving: The Dearmin Award – Josephine Schott; Excellence in CGA Diving – Saga Brismar

CMA Swimming and Diving: The Tyson Award – Nolan Kolden; Walaitis Award for CMA Swimming and Diving – Miles Clark

Junior Varsity Wrestling: Most Improved Award – Zachary Dunlap; Mental Attitude Award – Scott Dilena; Commitment Award – Robert White

Wrestling: Most Improved Award – Simon Griffith; Varsity Mental Attitude Award – Adam Davis; Ernest A. Lausier Family/Coach Colin Stetson Award – Noah Trevino

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