CMA president Nick Zalduendo and CGA president Amber Cowell presented the Class of 2014's check for 22.424.14 and a new toaster during the academic convocation.
May 22, 2014

Culver Academies’ Class of 2014 met the Beason Challenge with 100 percent participation, raising a total of $22,424.14 after receiving matching gifts for reaching its goal. The class also purchased a new toaster for the Lay Dining Center, which is a cherished but often abused piece of equipment.

The announcement of the class gifts was made during the academic convocation on Wednesday, May 21. The funds will be used to offset the cost of the Global Pathways Spring program, which allows students to participate in service-learning and cultural exchange opportunities all over the world over spring break.

By meeting the Beason Challenge, the Class of 2014 also held up its end of the #GiveByGrad challenge. Culver’s recent graduates (1999 through 2013) have been challenged to make a gift to the Culver Fund by graduation. The goal is 810 gifts, one for each of Culver’s current students. The Class of 2014 created a special #GiveByGrad video to kick off the campaign. To date, 451 gifts have been received. Graduation is June 1, so there is still time to make a gift today and #GivebyGrad.

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