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Slow down and enjoy the moment
November 17, 2017

There’s Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time. There’s Standard and Daylight Savings time. And, for anyone tied to the Academies, there is Culver time.

But Culver Girls Academy’s senior prefect for the second rotation, Molly Kubaszyk (LaPorte, Indiana), would like everyone to observe “Island Time.” She told the girls that was her theme as CGA conducted its transition ceremony Wednesday. Kubaszyk was introduced by first rotation prefect Elyse Schutjer (Mansfield, Ohio).

Island time is patterned after “Fiji Time,” she explained. A Duchossois Scholar, she made an educational trip to Fiji over the summer and saw how the locals were in no rush to complete tasks or be somewhere. If something wasn’t done that day, “it’s still OK. Life goes on. Things are slow and easy-going. There really is no such thing as a schedule,” she said.

Island Time is not an excuse to not do homework or miss meetings, but it is meant for the girls to slow down and realize “the value of a moment before it becomes a memory,” Kubaszyk said. “I mean, really, look around you. You are surrounded by an amazing group of individuals in an amazing place. Let that sink in.

I want us all to embrace the time we have with each other and enjoy the little things around us.

“I want us all to embrace the time we have with each other and enjoy the little things around us.”

She asked the girls to look around and enjoy the beauty of the campus as they walk to practice in the afternoon. “The beauty of nature surrounds you – a beautiful lake, green grass, and blue skies. Slow down and cherish that.”

When they go to dinner, “embrace the short time you have to be sharing a meal with your friends. Take that little sliver of your time as an opportunity to slow down,” she said. “Instead of looking down at your cell phone, look up at your friends. Listen to what they have to say. Get to know them better than you already think you know them. Value that moment before it becomes a memory.”

With the cold weather approaching, Kubaszyk said it was the ideal time for the girls “to come together to enjoy each other’s company with movies, hot chocolate, and maybe even some fun in the snow.”

And, she reminded them, “If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in?”

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