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Application process begins this fall
April 3, 2017

The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur at Culver Academies will be providing a paid internship for qualified rising seniors and/or first classmen beginning the summer of  2018.

The purpose of the new internship program is to discover, nurture, and develop young entrepreneurs by awarding them the opportunity to actively work with challenging and innovative companies that provide meaningful and significant work experience, along with direct supervision and mentoring from practicing professionals.

Beginning this fall, any Culver Academies junior or second classman may apply for a paid, eight-week internship, to be served in the summer of 2018. The application process involves submission of work history, faculty recommendations, interviews with a faculty screening committee, and a final application and interview with a potential host company. Fields represented will be as varied as marketing, advertising, sales, investment planning, engineering and design, finance, social media, entertainment, and fashion.

The final selection will be based on company need, student skills and interest, and will be solely at the discretion of the host company.

Applicants must be students in good standing at Culver Academies.

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