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Providing insight into the entrepreneurial mindset
February 20, 2017

What does someone read while they are starting a business venture? What do they read while running a major a corporation? What books do they read as a diversion from the world of work?

Entrepreneur Ron Rubin ’68 will help Culver Academies students answer those questions, and literally read what he has been reading for the past four decades.

While he has been operating a variety of businesses for the past 40 years, Rubin has amassed a business book collection that totals more than 2,000 volumes. Earlier this month that collection made its way to the Huffington Library when Rubin donated them to Culver. The library is now the home of one of the largest collection of business books for any secondary school in the United States.

Rubin has served as the Minister of Tea at The Republic of Tea since 1994. In 2011, The Rubin Family of Wines started operation in Green Valley, Calif. Rubin started his career at his family’s wholesale business, Central Wholesale Liquor Co., and then started New Age Beverages. Both businesses were located in his hometown of Mount Vernon, Ill.

He endowed The Rubin School for the Entrepreneur at Culver Academies in October, 2010.

During long winter weekend, Alex Kurrelmeier, director of The Ron Rubin School, and Susan Freymiller deVillier, director of the Huffington Library, took time to sort through the collection and the library staff started marking and cataloging the books according to their specialty.

Freymiller deVillier said it was fascinating to see what kind of books influence different readers. The Rubin collection helps give insight into the entrepreneur’s thinking at different stages of his career and life, she said. “It really is a cool gift to the community.”

The books cover a much wider range than business topics, Freymiller deVillier said, adding they will be added to the library’s general collection so everyone can take advantage of them. Each book will be marked as a part of the Rubin collection.

Every title will also listed on the Huffington Library’s online database, so people will have the opportunity to easily search for a book by the title, author, category, or as part of the Rubin collection, she said.

Any duplicates and books that Kurrelmeier believes are especially important for those students in The Rubin School shall be placed in a special collection in the Rubin School office. He added the entire scope of the collection won’t be known until all the books are unpacked.

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