March 28, 2013


On March 25, 1913, the cadets of Culver Military Academy went to the aid and rescue of the residents of Logansport, Ind., when the Eel and Wabash rivers flooded the town.  The cadets rescued approximately 1,500 people from the flooded waters over two days, taking them to safety.  As a symbol of their appreciation, the grateful residents of Logansport presented the Logansport Gate to the Academy in 1914.

On the 100th anniversary, Commandant of Cadets Col. Kelly Jordan shared this message of reflection with the community:

As we go about our business today, it would be well that we take a moment to reflect on the truly heroic actions of Culver students and members of the staff that occurred in Logansport 100 years ago.  The midnight wake-up, the moving of the 2,000-pound cutters from the boat house to the railroad spur behind the current Facilities building, the perilous train ride down to Logansport over untested bridges, the youthful desire of Elliot White Springs to stow away so he could be part of the action, the general confusion in Logansport upon arrival, the eerie calm and darkness of a city in peril and without lights or power, the resolute determination of the cutter crews to go about the business of saving approximately 1,500* people, the tenderness of the boys, the sacrifices they made to go out for “one more try,” and the satisfied weariness after a long day of good and taxing exertion.  All of this speaks to the special nature of Culver students, adults, and to the school as a whole.

A formal celebration of the 100th anniversary will take place this fall, corresponding with the tradition of the matriculation of new students passing through the Logansport Gate.

* Total for both days.  Originally written as 800 for March 25, 1913.

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