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Becoming part of the tradition
July 13, 2018

Some of your best instructors during Culver Summer Schools & Camps have four legs.

Just ask the Woodcrafters taking the horsemanship foundation class. In just two weeks, these nine- and 10-year-olds go from barely having been on a horse to riding in a mini-practice parade.

Granted, horsemanship instructors were helping them with the pass in review Friday, but they were on the Henderson Parade Field performing “eyes right” while on horseback. Volunteers stood on the reviewing line, encouraging the campers as they rode by.

After they finished, instructor Melissa Alexander told the riders the reasons for the garrison parade and gave a brief history of horsemanship at Culver. As she talked the campers enjoyed popsicles to celebrate their final ride.

She finished with this informational nugget: “And, every one of your horses rode in the inaugural parade for President Trump in Washington, D.C.” Then she watched as the campers’ eyes grew larger and they whispered the customary “Wow!” and “Cool!”

“You mean Lenora was in the parade?”

“Yes. Every one of your horses,” Alexander replied.

The campers looked at each other in amazement. That historical event – something they probably watched on TV – suddenly came alive for them. And, now it had a face and a name, along with four legs. The campers had just made the connection between Pennsylvania Avenue and their brief ride on the Henderson Parade Field. They were now part of that Culver tradition.

And, when you’re nine years old, how cool is that?

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