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E awards presented to three units
August 10, 2017

The regimental staff for the first make of the summer of 2018 and the handing out of the “E” awards highlighted the Culver Upper School Awards Ceremony on July 27.

Nicolas Kafati, Naval 4, will be the incoming regimental commander and Yann Doucet, Naval 3, will be the regimental adjutant. Other regimental officers will be: deputy girl’s commander, Molly Harper, Deck 3; athletic officer, Samantha Bialek, Deck 2; naval officer, Chad Smitson, Naval 4; mess officer, Jensen Peppler, Troop; 1st naval battalion commander, Andres Kattan, Naval 2; 2nd naval battalion commande, Noah Marshall, Naval 5; air/cav battalion commander, Daniel Giorgini, Troop; 1st ladies battalion commander, Alexa Coy, Deck 1; 2nd ladies battalion commander, Daniela Zuniga, Deck 7; regimental master chief petty officer, Felipe Samper, Naval 1; and  regimental sergeant major to the mess, Rachel Spahn, Deck 3.

Three units were awarded “E” awards. The “E”s represent cumulative excellence by the units throughout the summer in various competitions. The areas measured are: Military, Athletic, Naval (naval and ladies units), Academic, and performance in the Great Race, Pegasus Challenge, and Communications Relay. Each member of the winning units receives a recognition that may be displayed on their uniform throughout their Culver career.

Winning “E”s this summer were: Deck V for the women; Aviation for the Air/Cav Battalion; and Naval Band for the Naval School.

Thirty-two Culver Upper Schools students were also recognized during the awards ceremony at the end of camp. They will be either entering or continuing their education at Culver Academies when the school year begins on Aug. 21.

Those entering Culver Academies are: Katherine Beckmann, Grant Chalfant, Carly Chandler, Henry Curtis, Daniel Diaz Flores, Gabriel Henderson, Carolina Jimenez, Georgia Kelly, Kaleigh Kephart, Isabelle Landy, Hugh Londrey, Nathanial Mattson, Theodore Mitz, Grace Stanish, Allison Suttle, and John Wilkin.

The 16 students who are currently attending Culver include Erin Anderson, Carlo Bernardini, Samantha Bialek, Matthew Dwyer, Pierce Ellert, Sierra Grant, Hali Hanley, Caroline Hart, Regina Leon Velasco, Jesus Madrazo Backhoff, Sophia Moore, Anna Moreno, Alejandro Septien, Claire Statczar, Molly Statczar, and Benjamin Youngs.

Academic/Fine Arts Awards included:

  • Creative Writing: Trinity McMahon, Deck 7
  • Public Speaking: Alexa Valadez, Deck 7
  • Vedette: Jake Ginther, Naval 1
  • Best Actor: Justin Tidd, Naval 1
  • Best Supporting Actor: Rowan Conway, Naval Band

Athletic awards presented:

  • Most Improved Shotgun Sports: Molly Statczar, Deck 3, and Ethan Lamstein, Aviation.
  • Jud Little Award for Most Outstanding Sport Shooters: Jack Flemm, Naval 5
  • Middleton Award for Most Outstanding Rifle Marksman: Harper Biggs, Deck 6
  • Most Valuable Female Swimmer: Allison Larkin, Deck 6
  • Nelson James Memorial Award for Most Valuable Male Swimmer: Richard Zellner, Naval 4
  • Upper School Best Female Athlete: Carolina Del Poza, Deck 3
  • Upper School Best Male Athlete: Cesar De La Garza, Aviation

Leadership Awards:

  • Outstanding Achievement in the 3rd Class Leadership Curriculum: Megan Wieger, Deck 1; Sedona Whitney, Deck 4; Gregorio Lozano Palacio, Naval 4; Kailer Suerth, Aviation; Beatriz Lujan, Deck 6.
  • Outstanding Achievement in the 2rd Class Leadership Curriculum: Emily Becker, Deck 1; Austin Carter, Naval Band; Molly Harper, Deck 3; Sofia Veraza, Deck 2.
  • Outstanding Achievement in the 1st Class Leadership Curriculum: Skylar Bogardus, Deck 2; Tatiana Peralta, Deck 3; Aksel Swennumson, Naval 1.
  • The Jackson Berry Award (Midshipman Jackson Berry suffered a life-threatening waterfront injury during his First Class summer in 2010. He endured months of intensive care and rehabilitation. Through his faith, personal determination, and the love and support of family and friends, he completed his high school curriculum on schedule, graduated from Ball State University, and is now a Health and Physical Education teacher at the Urban Charter School in Indianapolis.) The Jackson Berry Award is presented to a 1st Classman who has overcome great adversity during his or her Culver career while still achieving great personal success. The 2017 Recipient is Margaret Quigg, Deck 5.

Girls School Awards:

  • Adm. John W. Bays Award (3rd Class): Tamara Mamlouk, Deck 4
  • Kathryn Ryan Booth Award (2nd Class): Hope Walker, Deck 2
  • Mother’s Association Outstanding Girl Award (1st Class): Ayah Fakhouri, Deck 1

Aviation School Awards:

  • Bronze Wings (for completing self-study program and passing the FAA written practice examination):
  • Caroline Cherry, Deck 4, and Thomas Kellner, Aviation.
  • Silver Wings (completing a solo flight): Juan Castillo, Aviation; Caroline Cherry, Deck 4; -Kostas Koukounaras, Aviation; Nathaniel Mattson, Aviation; Mark Valadez, Aviation; Maggie Quigg, Deck 5.
  • Most Motivated Aviator: Caroline Cherry, Deck 4.
  • Best Ground School Student: Tavaun Hinds, Aviation.
  • Frederick Lane Award (3rd Class Cadet): Sebastian Jung.
  • Schneider Family Award (2nd Class Cadet): Juan Castillo.
  • Lt. Gen. J. W. Carpenter III Aviation Award (1st Class Cadet): Nathaniel Mattson.

Horsemanship Awards:

  • Best Female 3rd Class Rider: Claire Pate, Deck 7.
  • Best Male 3rd Class Rider: Gonzalo Callejas, Troop.
  • Rough Rider Coaches Award: Jacob Martinez, Troop.
  • Best Female 3rd Class Equestrienne: Alexa Valadez, Deck 7
  • Best Female 2nd Class Rider: Ivanna Fuentes, Deck 7
  • Best Male 2nd Class Rider: Ovidio Jasso, Troop.
  • Col. D. W. Griffin Award (Best 3rd Class Trooper): Conor Flenniken, Troop.
  • Best Female 1st Class Rider: Anna Borchelt, Deck 7.
  • Best Male 1st Class Rider: Jacob Martinez, Troop
  • Best Female 2nd Class Equestrienne: Daniela Zuniga, Deck 7
  • Overall Best 2nd Class Trooper: Javier Taja, Troop
  • Best Female 1st Class Equestrienne: Maggie Giffin, Deck 7
  • F. W. Townsley Award (Best 1st Class Trooper): Jeremiah Eaton, Troop

Naval School Awards:

  • Col. Edward Payson Award (Outstanding 1st Classman in the Band): Jacob Salazar.
  • Outstanding Young Lady who participated in Band: Skylar Bogardus, Deck 2.
  • Carl F. Walk Trophy (Outstanding Varsity Sailor): (tie) Alican Yumuk, Naval 1, and Adam Cole, Naval 1.
  • Highest Naval Achievement (3rd Class female): Rachel Spahn, Deck 3.
  • Highest Naval Achievement (3rd Class midshipman): Jason Becker, Naval 2
  • Highest Naval Achievement (2nd Class female): Ellie Becker, Deck 5.
  • Highest Naval Achievement (2nd Class midshipman): Adam Cole, Naval 1.
  • Winslow Cup (Best 3rd Class Female Cadet in the Naval School): Arena Lafita Carulla, Deck 3.
  • Coleman Knight Award (Best 3rd Class midshipman): Daniel De La Vega, Naval Band
  • Highest Naval Achievement (1st Class female): (tie) Carlita Arboleda, Deck 6, and Gina Hanko, Deck 7.
  • Highest Naval Achievement (1st Class midshipman): Gerardo Sanfeliz, Naval 2.
  • Robert Stockwell Award (Overall Best 2nd Class female): Ellie Becker, Deck 5.
  • Fowler Cup (Overall Best 2nd Class midshipman): Adam Cole, Naval 1.
  • Dean Mary Frances England Trophy (Top 1st Class female): Skylar Bogardus, Deck 2.
  • Commander’s Cup (Top 1st Class midshipman): Gerardo Sanfeliz, Naval 2.
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