A company developed by Trace Ostergren ’10 and two friends was one of 48 handpicked start-up companies to participate in this week’s Boost competition in New York City.
December 11, 2014
Trace Ostergren's start-up company was picked for Boost competition. Photo by John Luke/Time of Northwest Indiana

Trace Ostergren’s start-up company was picked for the Boost competition. Photo by John Luke/Time of Northwest Indiana

The Boost competition is part of the Next Web USA Conference.

Ostergren’s YuYanCloud was selected from among hundreds of start-ups from around the world to compete. Ostergren and his friends Santiago Ospina and Hernando Bahamon, both of Bogota, Colombia, developed the cloud-based peer-to-peer language training platform.

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The company consists of tutors eager to teach their native languages and students from around the world eager to improve their foreign language skills. Tutors and students may interact one-on-one through YuYanCloud’s unique and proprietary software system, which is tailored to enhance the language learning experience.

YuYanCloud’s website states its goal is to “connect students from the world with native speaking tutors in order to simplify and enhance the experience of learning a language.”

Ostergren, who serves as the president of the company’s North American operations, is a senior at Valparaiso University. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, which he started learning at Culver Academies.

Ostergren spent his second-class year in China through the School Year Abroad program. He also visited the country with the the Global Pathways Spring Chinese group. Following graduation, Ostergren took a gap year after receiving a scholarship to attend the University of Science and Technology in Beijing.

The Boost competition consisted of 48 companies selected by the Next Web Conference committee. A public voting system selected the final 16 companies that presented on stage to other entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. While not selected for the final 16, YuYanCloud did receive valuable public exposure during the process.

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