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Summer Good writes a book
July 14, 2020

Summer Good will have an awesome story to tell her Butterfly Wing 3 friends when they return to Woodcraft Camp next year. And she has the book to prove it.

Good, at 10 years old, became a published author-illustrator. Her self-published book, “Devil Dog,” officially went on sale June 23. She has already autographed three copies, one each for her grandmothers and one for an aunt. And she made her first international sale when someone from London with Culver connections purchased the book from, the publishing website.

Good (Monterey, Indiana) started the book almost a year ago. In a flash of inspiration, the name for the pooch and his story popped into her head as she was drawing a picture of him. She continued to work on it periodically, doing her illustrations first, then writing the story to match each picture.

Summer tried working on it while she was at Woodcraft Camp last year, but things were so busy that she waited until it was over to finish.

The story revolves around an unwanted and misunderstood dog who is adopted by a family that has taken in other misfit animals. But Devil Dog decides “to go on an adventure,” meeting more misfit animals along the way. When he does return home, Devil Dog has his entourage of new friends with him. Naturally, they are warmly welcomed into the family.

Caitlin Schrimsher, Summer’s mother, said getting the book into the hands of a publisher wasn’t that difficult. provided the instructions for submitting the book, provided an estimated cost per book, and offered suggestions on how to price the book for retail sale. “Devil Dog” is now available in the bookstore. The book is published on-demand, so it takes approximately 3-5 business days to be mailed after being purchased, Schrimsher explained.

Summer is no stranger to writing. She is the winner of two Marshall County Young Authors competitions, taking the prize in 2018 for the second grade division and 2019 for the third grade. This spring’s conference and competition were not conducted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A sequel is already in the works, Summer said. She has drawn the cover illustration and will follow the same process she did with “Devil Dog.” This story will go into more detail about the other misfit animals in the household.

Her first love is drawing. The illustrations for the book are done with markers, she said. Her favorite class at camp is Arts and Crafts. The money she earns from book sales will be used to pay for art school when she is older.

Good will be a fifth grader at Culver Elementary School this fall. Her ancestry includes several Culver connections from both the Schrimsher and Good sides of the family. The most recognizable name is Summer’s great-grandfather, famous horsemanship instructor CSM John ‘Sarge’ Hudson, her mother said.

“Every year, we take a photo of the kids by the Sarge Hudson pasture sign,” Schrimsher said. “It shows how much they have grown.”

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