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When Nathan VanDeVelde decided to combine his senior service project with his honors in visual arts portfolio, little did he realize how much time he would spend on the wall-size painting.
June 23, 2015

VanDeVelde, a first-classman from Raleigh, N.C., had earlier done a piece for West Barrack detailing the history of the Troop. This year he was asked if he would do something similar for the Culver Academies Admissions Office.

The finished project officially went on display last week on the second floor of the Crisp Visual Arts Center. The unmounted acrylic-on-linen canvas covers one wall. It contains more than 60 images and took VanDeVelde over 120 hours to complete.

My vision was for potential incoming students to get an idea of all the activities going on here.

“My vision was for potential incoming students to get an idea of all the activities going on here,” he said. Potential students and their families will also be able to get a sense of the history and traditions that are so important to Culver, he added.

When stretched on its wooden frame and hung in the Admissions Office, VanDeVelde is hoping the 18-by-5 foot painting will spark conversations about the many different offerings available to students. He had those same questions when he first arrived. “I wanted it to be thought-provoking,” he added.

VanDeVelde chose acrylic on linen because of its fast-drying capabilities. After selecting photos to use as reference points, he made several drawings before starting the painting. He repeated patterns throughout the painting – similar to the Troop one – to give the piece its balanced feeling.

All the honors in visual arts students have their portfolios on display at the Crisp Visual Arts Center. Selected pieces have also been exhibited at the Culver Coffee Company, 634 E. Lake Shore Drive.

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