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Wish her a happy birthday
July 25, 2017

Culver’s beloved Mrs. Davis may have had a short health setback, but that didn’t stop the campus community from celebrating her 100th birthday. People on campus taped their video greetings and they were delivered to her on Friday.

Elisabeth Davis’ 100th birthday on July 21 follows up on her much-celebrated “work-a-versary” last year, when she celebrated 80 years at Culver Academies. Starting in 1936 as a secretary, herĀ  remarkable longevity at Culver “went viral” via the Internet and social media in the fall of 2016. More than a million people viewed, commented on, or shared her story via media venues ranging from Today to The New York Times to People magazine to the Huffington Post to Inside Edition, and as far away as China, Austrailia, and Norway.

A planned birthday party was postponed after Mrs. Davis (she has always been known as “Mrs. Davis,” and that tradition continues today) spent some time in the hospital, but she’s recovering well and expects to be up and about in the near future.

Those who haven’t already sent their best birthday wishes to Mrs. Davis are encouraged to do so via Box 156, 1300 Academy Rd., Culver, IN 46511.

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