March 4, 2013

Jack Mitzell ’12 has been selected to serve on the Undergraduate Honor Court at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A Morehead Scholar at UNC, Mitzell served as the first make regimental commander of Culver Military Academy.

The Undergraduate Honor Court is comprised of students from all backgrounds and majors.  Court members represent the values and diversity of the Chapel Hill campus. The court is charged with reviewing allegations of misconduct to determine if the Honor Code was violated.  If the court determines a violation has occurred, it will impose a disciplinary sanction consistent with community values and university guidelines.

New Honor Court members are selected by a nominating committee after submitting an application and undergoing an interview process. Upon approval by the Undergraduate Student Body President, new members are brought before Student Congress for final approval. Honor Court members may retain their position until graduation. Approximately 300 students applied for the new Honor Court positions.

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