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Impressed by students, instructors, facilities
October 4, 2017

Lance Cpl. Dan Martin rode in the Parents Weekend parade on Sunday.

Lance Cpl. Dan Martin of Her Majesty’s Household Cavalry spent two weeks working with the horses and students in Culver Academies’ horsemanship program. He is going back to London impressed.

“It’s an amazing facility,” he said of the campus. “And it just blows my mind how the students fit horsemanship instruction into their schedules. They get what they need – whether it is jumping, rough riding, or polo. And you consider that when most of them come here, they are not that experienced at riding.”

Martin’s visit is part of an annual program that brings a guest instructor of the Household Cavalry to Culver. A member of the Life Guard Squadron, he is currently based in Windsor.

While he was here, Martin was able to work as an instructor or shadow instructor in every class. He also worked with the Lancers and Equestriennes during their Wednesday drills. Along with the students and instructors, he was impressed by the quality of horses.

The ability of the horses to adapt to their different roles impressed him. Finding horses that can go from jumping to drills to Lancers to polo is a credit to the horsemanship instructional staff and the people who are donating horses to the program, he said. Also, he was impressed by the health of the horses in this large of a facility. That reflects well on the whole staff, he added.

Martin was selected to come to Culver by the riding master, who hand picks the volunteers for their assignments. He said he is always ready for an opportunity to “travel the world” and work with different horses and riders.

“I enjoyed passing on my knowledge to the guys,” Martin added. “But, now, it’s back to my day job.”

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