February 20, 2015

Culver Academies is an extraordinary community with expertise in diverse disciplines. But how often do the instructors get to sit in on a class taught by their peers? That is the thinking behind a new program started earlier this month.

Faculty Food for Thought is a way for faculty and staff members to gather for an hour and learn from a colleague about a topic in his or her field. Thirty-five people attended the first installment of the new initiative designed by Dr. Jackie Carrillo.

Carrillo spoke on climate change and understanding the science behind it. Prior to arriving at Culver, Carrillo worked as a research associate in the Atmospheric Science Department at Colorado State University. While at CSU, she studied cloud and aerosol chemistry and their relation to pollution and climate change issues. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Colorado College and a master’s and doctorate in chemical oceanography from the University of Hawaii, Manoa..

The next speaker will be Humanities instructor Kevin Danti. He is scheduled for April 22 and will speak on “The Looting and Destruction of Syria’s Cultural Heritage Resulting from the Recent Conflict.” Danti lived and worked in Syria, so he brings a special perspective on the Syrian culture and current conflict.


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