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'It's like a puzzle."
January 17, 2019

Wrestler Minseo Kim ’21 (Lincolnwood, Ill.) is focused on just one thing: getting better.

“She gets it,” Coach Matt Behling said of Kim’s work ethic in the wrestling room. “She’s a grinder.”

And, after having a world class women’s wrestler like Kayla Miracle ’14 come through the program, Behling is a good judge.

On Jan. 19, Minseo Kim won her first match in overtime.

The “it” is the understanding that a wrestler needs to commit – physically and mentally – to improving each day. Kim knows she isn’t going to set the wrestling world on fire, but she enjoys the test that comes with every practice, every match.

“It’s like a puzzle,” she explained. “It’s more than just being strong. It’s a big mental game, too. There is a lot of technique. I really like that aspect.”

She decided on wrestling after taking jiu jitsu lessons during her eighth grade year. “I really liked it and wanted to continue,” Kim said. When she came to Culver, she thought wrestling would be the closest sport to it.

While there aren’t as many throws, she said, “You are using the other person’s weight against them.” And, when she has caught opponents off balance and flipped them, “it makes me feel good.”

Wrestling at 145 pounds, though, Kim generally runs up against stronger, more experienced opponents. For example, Culver’s state champion Daniel Young ’09 won his title at that weight class his senior year. But it isn’t something she dwells on.

“I know I’ll have a tougher time,” she said. “My opponents usually are a lot stronger than me. It just means I have to work harder.”

And Kim plans on becoming one of those more experienced wrestlers as her career continues. She said she has already envisioned her senior night on the mat, smiling again at the thought.

“I definitely will be wrestling all four years,” she said. “I don’t want to be known as ‘the girl who couldn’t take it.’ I’ll just keep pushing through.”

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