Culver Academies Head of Schools John Buxton and wife Pam have announced they plan to retire in June 2016.
April 17, 2015

With that announcement, Miles White, Chairman of The Culver Educational Foundation Board of Trustees, has sent the following letter to all alumni and parents concerning the Buxtons retirement and subsequent search for a new Head of Schools:

I am writing to share with you that Pam and John Buxton have informed the Board of Trustees of The Culver Educational Foundation that they plan to retire from Culver in June 2016. They have led Culver with great distinction, strengthening our school in every way. We will have the opportunity to thank them properly as their final year of 2015-2016 draws to a close.

The most important responsibility for a Board of Trustees is choosing its Head of Schools. We have not had to think about this task in the last 17 years, but now it is time for The Culver Educational Foundation Board to begin the process. Fortunately, we have enough time to prepare since John and Pam announced their intention in a timely fashion. John will, of course, continue to lead our school until retirement.

We have formed a Trustee Search Committee made up of 12 current trustees of The Culver Educational Foundation. All members are alumni/ae of either summer or winter schools, most have been Culver parents and have been involved in successful searches at other institutions. I will Chair the Committee and Jim Henderson ’52 will serve as Vice Chair.

To assist the Trustee Search Committee, a Campus Advisory Committee has been appointed made up of 11 faculty and staff members who will work closely with the Trustee Search Committee. We have engaged an experienced search consultant, Mr. Chris Arnold, of Educational Directions, Inc., of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, who assisted in Culver’s previous Head of Schools search.

We begin this critical task from a position of great strength. Culver is in excellent shape financially, can make claims on leading-edge excellence in its leadership programs — summer and winter; and serves as the country’s best example of mission-driven programming. Culver is guided by a genuinely successful whole person educational philosophy with a fully-articulated and mature teaching and learning model. Culver is a truly excellent school by all measures.

The Board of Trustees considers the search for the next Head of Culver to be its most important task. It provides the school with an opportunity to build upon its strengths and to make explicit our hopes and ambitions for Culver. We will make every effort to select a new Head of Schools who will ensure that Culver will continue to fulfill its important mission — to prepare its students for leadership and responsible citizenship in society by developing and nurturing the whole individual — mind, body, and spirit.

It is critical that the Board of Trustees conducts the process to find the next Head of Schools with great discretion and absolute confidentiality. We do not want any candidate to be compromised by avoidable rumor. Rest assured, however, that the Trustee Search Committee will continue to communicate with the larger Culver community as confidentiality concerns permit.

Thank you for your help in this important matter.

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