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A new way to support Culver
November 10, 2015

What was your favorite part of the Culver experience?

Was it playing lacrosse? Working on environmental projects? How about the spring break mission trips? Or enjoying Culver’s unique art collection?

Now there is a way for you to directly support those programs and projects and benefit The Culver Fund as well. Culver Academies has developed a new crowdfunding site to finance specific projects and programs so donors – especially younger alumni – can have a direct impact on current students’ experience.

The crowdfunding platform is entitled Impact Culver and it officially kicked off last week with four pilot projects providing a variety of options for support. Fund Officer Katie Taylor ’11 is heading up the funding initiative which has proven popular on several college campuses around the country. Culver is the first secondary school to introduce the program.

Taylor said Impact Culver allows people to target their donations to specific projects and then see their donations at work within the year. Each project includes a short video detailing how the money will be used.

The projects will run for a limited number of days and the funds raised will be used to support the program, regardless of whether the goal is reached or not. One hundred percent of the funds raised through the platform are directed to the fundraising group.

If the funds raised exceed the goal, the extra money will benefit a program or project similar to the original, Taylor explained.

Crowdfunding provides people with a concrete way to see their dollars at work. Any size donation can be made, making it possible for younger alumni to support their favorite team, club, program, or project.

“It’s keeping up with the technology and tuning in to what the donors want,” Taylor said. “They know they have a part in (the project). It is becoming the preferred way to give back.”

All the donations are tax-deductible. And donors have the option to remain anonymous if they so choose. People donating online will receive a receipt immediately after donating. Both online and those mailing in checks will also receive thank you letters from the project sponsors, she said.

Most of the projects will be credited as Culver Fund donations. Some capital projects, like the current turf field snow removal equipment for the lacrosse teams, will not, she added.

More projects will be added as they are submitted and approved, she said. The normal donation window will be approximately 30 days, so people should check regularly to see if there are new projects they would like to support.

It is a way for everyone to support their favorite memories of the Culver Experience, regardless of how much they give, Taylor said. And they will know they have made a special memory possible for another student or camper, too.

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