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Gold C campers give it a try
July 31, 2017

How do you even begin to explain a summer at Culver Woodcraft Camp?

There seems to be so much one could say. Do you describe the rhythmic beat of the Drum and Bugle Corps, whose sounds produce the cadence that Woodcrafters follow in synchronized step? Maybe you mention the cool waters of Lake Maxinkuckee that host trial and error, as campers work on sail boats, paddle boards, or water skis.

Or, perhaps, you tell of the creativity brewing in cabins which eventually produces beaded bracelets, sculptures, masks, rockets, and more. You may even explain the teamwork and comradery integrated into everyday activities, as campers work on athletics or in the cabins and ranks.

The culmination of all of these components, the inner workings of a Culver summer, make it nearly impossible to give a synopsis from one vantage point. In fact, each camper will come away from the summer with different key moments which verifies the array of enriching experiences that can be had. Here are a few Woodcrafters’ input on a summer at Culver.

Describe your summer in word:

As camp entered its final week, Woodcraft’s community began to search for the words to capture it all. While campers endeavored to describe their summer with just one word, they first typically offered a noticeable pause and an expression riddled with thought, indicating the challenge of this question.

“Unique” – Abby Lynch, Cardinal Wing 3

“Fun” – Aristole Vesaquez, Division 7

“Amazing” – Reid Seddelmeyer, Butterfly Wing 2

“If I could describe my summer in one word, it would be fun because I enjoyed all of my classes.” – Mara Helfer, Cardinal Wing 3

“In one word… that’s pretty hard… Fantastic” – Claudia Holstchlag, Cardinal Wing 3

“If I were to put my summer in one word it would probably be…I am trying to think of a word, but I can’t remember what it is. I need to know a word that’s like not knowing what’s going to happen next. It’s like unpredictable. The word I’m trying to go for is I never know what’s going to happen next, but it always turns out good.” – Jack Collins, Division 4

Identifying the Highlights:

By cherishing the highlights experienced throughout these past six weeks, campers shows us the moments during the summer that impacted them most.

“It’s been very fun. Everyone should try it at least once. My highlight was getting First Sergeant Major for my final rank.” – Reid Seddelmeyer

“My highlight was probably being in Council Fire and seeing my parents and friends there watching me” – Ben Foster, Division 3

“The highlight of my summer was going on the Gold C trip and getting positions. I got wing leader, right guide, XO, Platoon Leader, and Cabin Leader.” – Micaela San Martin, Butterfly Wing 3

“The highlight of my summer was probably getting Division Leader as my final rank, being in four council fires, or winning honor cabin” – Jack Collins, Division 4

“The highlight of my summer was doing multiple classes and having different experiences in all of them. It helps me when I get back home decide what activities I want to do and widens my choices and lets me know what I am good at and what I need to work on.” – Ben Smith, Drum and Bugle Corps

Advice from our Gold Cs

For some campers, this is their final summer at Woodcraft. After many years dedicated to the camp, making new friends, partaking in diverse experiences, and acquiring plenty of memories, they graduated this summer. Their experience serves as an integral piece to understanding how to make the most of your time at Culver:

“Try new things and make new friends. It’s one of the most important things you can do here at camp because you will never have so many opportunities anywhere else.” – Abby Lynch, Cardinal Wing 3

“Go in with a high head and a lot of hopes. I wish I could back in time to when I was a bronze C because I wish someone would’ve told me that finding that one friend will really stick with you. Also, try new things and have a fun time.” – Ben Smith, Drum and Bugle Corps

“Don’t be afraid to be who you are; don’t be afraid to have fun; and don’t be afraid to be loud.” – Claudia Holstchlag, Cardinal Wing 3

“Be yourself” – Fritz Ellert, Drum and Bugle Corps

Thank you to all – campers, counselors, parents, and staff – for creating such a unique and memorable adventure this summer on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee.

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