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A total of 104 girls attended the first summer session in 1965.
July 16, 2015

Culver Summer Schools & Camps will observe the golden anniversary of Culver Summer School for Girls during Homecoming Weekend on July 17-19. A total of 104 girls attended the first session in 1965, compared to a record number 395 in 2015.

Helping to kick off Homecoming will be the annual Ann E. Smitson Moonlight Serenade on Friday evening, July 17. The Culver Summer Naval Band will board the R. H. Ledbetter and travel along the west and east shores of Lake Maxinkuckee serenading residents. People are asked to place luminaries on their docks to add to the evening’s festivities. The event will kick off at sunset – approximately 9 p.m. – with a short performance at the Culver Town Park.

Along with the 50th anniversary celebration for girls, this 2015 Homecoming will mark the 50th anniversary for the classes of 1965 and the 35th anniversary for Deck 6. To look over the calendar of weekend events click here.

The Summer Camp community will also gather at Logansport Gate to celebrate and recognize the teamwork exemplified during the 1913 Logansport Flood. A full-sized replica of the No. 13 Naval Cutter will be on display. The replica, which is 28-feet in length, was built by the Brooklin Boat Yard, Brooklin, Maine, and was funded by James Dickie W’59, ’64. Following the celebration, the cutter will be displayed at the Naval Building.

The cutters were staffed by 60 Culver Military Academy cadets, 45 of whom also attended the Culver Naval School. The cutters, weighing approximately one-ton each, were used to rescue nearly 1,500 people from their homes when the Wabash and Eel rivers flooded over Easter weekend. (Read more here)

Several campus expansions and changes will greet those returning to campus for Homecoming. The changes include the expansion of the Butterfly and Cardinal divisions in Woodcraft Camp. Two new cabins added enough girls that a third wing of Butterflies and Cardinals was created in each division. This is the second consecutive year that two cabins have been constructed to accommodate more girls.

The 727 Woodcrafters are also enjoying an expanded Orthwein Dining Hall, which includes a new kitchen generously donated by Julius Hegeler II W ’39. The Julius W. Hegeler II Kitchen renovation and expansion allows the dining staff to prepare food on-site rather than cooking it in the Lay Dining Center, then transporting it over to Woodcraft.

On the Upper Camp side, another Hegeler donation has led to the construction The Julius W. Hegeler II Wing of Argonne dormitory, which is a work in progress. The Huffington Library also has a new ground-level entrance.

Those are the most noticeable changes but, like Woodcraft, Upper Camp has added new divisions. On the girls’ side of Upper Camp, the creation of Deck 7 establishes a dedicated unit for the girls in the horsemanship program. On the boys’ side, the Naval School has added a fifth unit. Upper Camp is hosting 667 campers.

There is a total of 1,394 campers on campus for the six-week session representing 40 states and 35 countries.

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