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Program set up for golf caddies
May 9, 2016

Senior Chaterria Harris (Chicago) has received the Chick Evans Scholarship and will attend Marquette University this fall.

The Evans Scholarship is a full tuition and housing scholarship for golf caddies. Evans Scholars are selected based on their strong caddie record, excellent grades, outstanding character, and demonstrated financial need. Renewable each year, the scholarship is valued at more than $80,000 over four years.

Harris caddies at the North Shore Country Club in Glenview, Ill. She heard about the scholarship through her high school scholarship, the Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund of Chicago.

“DMSF gives every scholar the opportunity to do something beneficial during the summer and the Caddie Academy Program was one of them,” she said, “so I applied and have been doing it the past three summers.”

Harris will caddy again this summer. Her work schedule will be six days a week for seven weeks. She doesn’t play, so her advice to players is limited.  “Mostly, I just carry the bag and find the ball,” she said. And, yes, she has seen Caddy Shack.

“I didn’t watch it until my second season,” she said. Harris and the other caddies picked it apart, knowing the movie was exaggerated for comedic impact. But, she laughed, “Parts of it are true.”

Currently, 910 caddies are enrolled in 19 colleges across the nation as Evans Scholars. Participating colleges in the Midwest include Marquette, the University of Illinois, the University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, Miami University, Indiana University, and Purdue University.

260 caddies were awarded the Evans Scholarship this year. The scholarships are administered by the Evans Scholars Foundation and supported by the Western Golf Association, which joined with legendary amateur golfer Charles “Chick” Evans to establish the caddie program in 1930. The scholars program is funded by contributions from more than 28,700 Evans Scholars Par Club members, as well as proceeds from the BMW Championship. Since the program’s inception in 1930, more than 10,000 caddies nationwide have graduated as Evans Scholars.

Founded in 1899 to serve golfing interests in the growing Midwest, the Western Golf Association now has more than 400 member clubs. The WGA conducts two prestigious amateur championships, the Western Amateur and the Western Junior, as well as the BMW Championship, the third of four PGA Tour FedEx Cup playoff events.

The graduation rate for Chick Evans Scholars is 95 percent and scholarship alumni have contributed more than $104 million back to the program.

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