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Winners selected in eight categories
November 6, 2019

The annual Beason Halloween costume party was conducted on Saturday, Nov. 2. The seniors and first classmen were encouraged to use their imaginations, with costumes based on characters from horror films, Disney animated films, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, comic books, television and movies making appearances. The eight division winners were selected by the party’s chaperones.

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Best CMA Costume:  Mechanics – Jason Dilena, Diego Gordon, Cabe Garrett, Charles Jones, Jacob Page, Savas Koutsouras, Corbin Steck.

Best CGA Costume: Risky Business – Pearce Murphy and Grace Frank.

Funniest Costume: Disney Princesses – Diego Peraza, Fernando Garcia, Alfonso Romandia, Luis Malanga

Best Group Costume: Alice in Wonderland – Yoo-Rim (Ally) Kim, Andrew Setzer, Kara Gamel, Sophia Moore, Charlotte Quist, Jack Williams, Nestor Novachenko.

Best Homemade: The Office – Matt Dwyer and Lauren Donsbach.

Most Creative: M & M’s – Gen Chandler and Caroline Perea.

Best Couple: Sushi & Chef – Lance Kilbourne, Joe Chandler, Brendon Yi.

Most Effort: Thing 1 & Thing 2 – Cady Clark and Abby Beck.

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