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Berries turned into cobbler, syrup
August 26, 2019

In less than three days, 63 quarts of blackberries went from farm to fork at Culver Academies. The berries were picked on Monday, Aug. 19, delivered on Tuesday, served in cobbler on Wednesday, with the remaining berries being turned into syrup for pancakes Thursday, or placed on the salad bar for students, faculty, and staff to enjoy.

The blackberries were picked by students and faculty members during the Academies’ Day of Service. They went to the 110 Blackberry Farm just southeast of Culver on State Road 110. The u-pick farm is owned by Brian Christner ’79. The 63 quarts weighed 120 pounds and filled three five-gallon buckets, which Christner delivered to the Lay Dining Hall Tuesday afternoon.

By Wednesday morning, Kim Rose and John Rose had rinsed the berries and were turning them into 14 pans of cobbler, with three pans being delivered to Miller’s Merry Manor in Culver for the residents to enjoy.

“FLIK Independent School and Dining’s food philosophy strives to support local fresh produce daily.  In some wonderful cases, we get to partner with local farms just like the 110 Blackberry Farm to help our guests enjoy the fruits of their labor,” Executive Chef Amy Collins said. “The students did an amazing job harvesting enough berries for all to enjoy in Head Baker Kim Rose’s delicious cobbler!  It was our pleasure to play a small roll and dish up the delicious results.  We look forward to bringing many more opportunities to sample fresh and local fare for many seasons to come!”

There were also enough berries left  to make into blackberry syrup for the pancakes at breakfast Thursday morning, with more fresh berries being placed on the salad bar.

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