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October 3, 2016

The Flash Sale for Culver’s winter sports programs is now running through 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 9. The Culver Academies Athletic Department, in association with Team Sports and Under Armour, is offering this special sale of new individual team gear for basketball, hockey, fencing, swimming & diving, cheerleading, and wrestling. Parents, alumni, faculty/staff and fans can order clothing with their favorite team’s logo on it online and the order will be delivered to their home approximately mid-November.

Simply click on the team of your choice, then purchase the items you would like. There will be no CMA or CGA designations on clothing. For example, Basketball will represent both Culver Military and Culver Girls Academy.

If you are having problems connecting through Facebook, please enter in your browser and click on this story to gain access. When ordering from more than one team site, Team Sports will combine your order and adjust your total shipping costs, then issue a refund to your credit card for any overage.  There will be similar Flash Sale for the spring sports and horsemanship during the school year. The fall Flash Sale generated over $14,000 worth of team gear being distributed to parents, alumni, fans, and friends across the United States. The athletic department would like to thank everyone for supporting the Under Armour and Culver partnership.

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