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Students honored for athletic careers
June 13, 2018

Emily Lipsett (right) with softball coach Dawn Brockey

The top two honors for graduating student-athletes were presented during the Commencement Convocation Saturday afternoon.

The Chambers Award, given in memory of Cal C. Chambers (1908) recognizes that First Classman who has distinguished himself with a combination of excellence in scholarship and athletics. The award was presented to Michael Bocker (Wheaton, Illinois).

The Jane Metcalfe Culver Award is presented to the graduating senior of Culver Girls Academy who has distinguished herself in scholastic and athletic achievements. The award was presented to Charlotte Root (Indianapolis, Indiana).

Tommy Polhamus with Varsity lacrosse coach Kirk Brown (left), football coach Andy Dorrel, and Varsity A hockey coach Jeff Badalich (right).

Two annual athletic awards presented during the last all-school meeting of the year were the Outstanding Sportswoman of the Year to Emily Lipsett ’18 (LaPorte, Indiana) and the Russ and Myra Oliver Best All-Around Athlete to Tommy Polhamus ’18 (Breiningsville, Pennsylvania). Polhamus and Henry Zehner ’18 (San Francisco) also received awards for playing three sports for all four years of their athletic careers.

The following spring team awards were also announced:

  • Junior Varsity Baseball: Pitching Award – William Yoon; Hitting Award – Levi Gho; Coaches’ Award – Nestor Novachenko.
  • Varsity Baseball: Pitching Award – Kyle Dane; Hitting Award – Hayden Schott; Coaches’ Award – Matt Regan.
  • Junior Varsity/Varsity Golf: Outstanding 9th-10th Grade Player – Josh Bellin; JV Coaches’ Award – Constantine Dames; Varsity Coaches’ Award – A. J. Davidson; Randall Award – Lake Genenbacher.
  • CGA Junior Varsity Lacrosse: Coaches’ Award – Allie Alles; Most Valuable Offensive Player – Brooke Ditmire; Most Valuable Defensive Player – Erin Neher.
  • CGA Varsity Lacrosse: Eagle Award for Outstanding Effort and Enthusiasm – Mary Cate Wright; Most Valuable Offensive Player – Jessica Turner; Rookie of the Year – Dana Rodgers.
  • CMA Junior Varsity Lacrosse: Most Improved Player – Michael Le; Most Valuable Player – Nash Koch; Most Valuable Player – Buchanan Everhart.
  • CMA Varsity Lacrosse: Grit Award – Thomas Polhamus; Most Improved Player – Ryan Tompos; Culver Award – Michael Bocker;
  • Most Valuable Player – Alec Vaccaro.

    Three sport athletes Tommy Polhamus (left) and Henry Zehner (right).

  • CMA Prep Lacrosse: Bob Meek Award – Jake Stevens; John Yeager Award – Teddy Batson; Most Valuable Players – Alex Simmons and Austin Madronic.
  • CGA Rowing: Commitment and Dedication to the Sport of Rowing – Hali Hanley; Outstanding Novice – Frances Derrick; CGA Crew Award – Molly Kubaszyk.
  • CMA Rowing: Outstanding Novice – Henry Stewart; Most Improved Rower – Joseph Hutchison; F. Gordon Graper Award – Harrison Steck.
  • CMA Rugby: The Spirit of Culver Award – Alex Key; Most Valuable Forward – Collin Knowlton; Most Valuable Back – Henry Chandler; Rookie Back – Jack Etheridge; Rookie forward – Yusef Lomax; Varsity Most Improved Forward – Panagiotis Kurtis; Varsity Most Improved Back – Logan Kephart.
  • Varsity Softball: Coaches’ Award – Claire Baltazar; Eagle Award – Emily Lipsett; Defensive Most Valuable Player – Hanna Cash; Offensive Most Valuable Player – Gabrielle Slykas.
  • Junior Varsity Tennis: Most Improved Player – Morgan Olivarez; Most Valuable Player – Luci Landry; Most Valuable Player – Samantha Farrall.
  • Varsity Tennis: Most Improved Player – Lilia Rosique; Most Valuable Player – Abby Ericson; Elizabeth Warner Award – Rachael Dodson.
  • CGA Track & Field: Attitude Award – Maggie Bialek; Effort Award – Erin Anderson; Most Valuable Track & Field Award – Marissa Rivera.
  • CMA Track & Field: Attitude Award – Howard Mosley; Effort Award – Jacob Bird; O’Flaherty Award for CC & TF – Shane Pursch and Callaway Bird; Four Year Letter Winners – Shane Pursch and Callaway Bird.
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