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Greenman, Rauch earn Abraham Lincoln Scholarships
June 9, 2016

When 2016 Culver Girls Academy graduates Jessica Greenman and Hallie Rauch showed up for an information session with the admissions representative from Gettysburg College, they didn’t exactly have to fight for attention.

“There was just three of us,” Rauch (Evansville, Ind.) said. It was over Fall Parents Weekend and everyone else was busy. “We were in this big room and there was just three of us.”

The information session evolved into interviews and Rauch and Greenman (Plantation, Fla.) applied to the school. For Greenman, who wants to major in history, just being in Gettysburg made the decision a no-brainer. “I really felt I knew everything I needed to know,” she said.

They were accepted and discovered later they had each received an Abraham Lincoln Scholarship, which carries a $25,000 renewable award. It is the highest merit award presented by the college and is given to approximately 30 first-year students.

The selection process for the scholarships is competitive with awards going to top-ranking applicants based upon grade point average, class rank (if available), and SAT or ACT scores. Gettysburg students must achieve at least a 2.75 GPA at the end of the first year and a cumulative 3.00 GPA each subsequent year to maintain an academic scholarship. Academic scholarships are available for up to eight semesters.

Accepted students are automatically reviewed for the scholarship, the girls explained. They didn’t know they had received the award until they got a letter from the school. Neither girl visited the campus, deciding to wait to see they were accepted first. The first time they visited was to attend the Abraham Lincoln Scholarship weekend.

They won’t be rooming together, though. They won’t even be in the same building. Housing for first year students is based on your field of study. With Greenman’s interest in history and Rauch planning to major in microbiology, they will be in different dorms.

Gettysburg College, with 2,600 students, is the home of the Civil War Institute and the Eisenhour Institute for Public Policy and Leadership. During the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, members of both the Union and Confederate armies swept through the campus. When Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous address at the National Cemetery a few months later, students walked to town to hear him. Following his presidency, Dwight D. Eisenhower retired  in Gettysburg and served on the college’s board of trustees.

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