July 16, 2014

Aynes Lopez Espada has been able to combine two things she loves into her summer post at Culver. A 2013 Culver Girls Academy graduate, Espada is a sailing instructor in the Culver Summer Schools & Camps’ naval program. She teaches racing and sailing, something she is well-versed in after serving as a captain of the Culver Academies sailing team her junior and senior years.

And when everyone gathers at the Homecoming Post-Parade Rendezous and Bonfire Saturday night, the entertainment will be provided by Espada and musical partner Frank Henderson. “When they asked if I would do it, I said, ‘Of course I’ll do it.’ I always feel good when I’m singing,” she said.

Though she sings mostly for fun, the opportunities to perform continue to come her way. Her Culver performances included singing with the Jazz Band during an all-school meeting and with Quinlan Smith ’13, who accompanied her on the piano, during the 2012 Spring Parents Weekend.

Espada does take her singing seriously. She has a YouTube Channel for her music videos, a Facebook fan page, and songs on SoundCloud. From Culiacan, Mexico, Espada sings in English and Spanish. A rising sophomore at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, she hasn’t gotten into the studio as much as she would like. Plus her collaboration work with Henderson is limited now since he is studying commercial music in England during the school year. Still, Espada is getting some airplay on International TV, “which is cool.”

Espada and Henderson have worked together for some time. During her senior year, they made a music video using the Culver campus as the backdrop. It is a song he wrote for her called Lights Out. Watch the video

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