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May 2, 2014
Eleven Culver Academies students will take part in the IU Honors Program in Foreign Languages. They are (left to right)

Eleven Culver Academies students will take part in the IU Honors Program in Foreign Languages. They are (left to right) Jenna Harter, Catherine Bevil, Lucy Battersby, Charys Smith, John Oosterhoff, Rachel Simon, Ian Bardwell, Madeline Sorg, Eleanor Teahan, Not pictured: Joseph Roesler and Katrina Willis. Culver photo/Jan Garrison

Eleven Culver Academies students will participate in the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages this summer.

Culver students will be traveling to France, China, and Spain for six weeks. This is the first summer for students to travel to China. Hangzhou on China’s east coast was chosen for its cultural diversity and the strong collaboration with its sister city, Indianapolis.

The students and their destinations are:

Hangzhou, China: John Oosterhoff (Momence, Ill.), Joseph Roesler (Fishers, Ind.), Madeline Sorg (Middlebury, Ind.), and Katrina Willis (Rolling Prairie, Ind.).

France: Saumar – Rachel Simon (Warsaw, Ind.); and St. Brieuc – Catherine Bevil (Omaha, Neb.).

Spain: Leon – Ian Bardwell (Plymouth, Ind.); Ciudad Real – Lucy Battersby (Culver), Charys Smith (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia), and Jenna Harter (Fort Wayne, Ind.); and Oviedo – Eleanor Teahan (Clinton Corners, N.Y.).

The IU Honors Program in Foreign Languages is built on three distinct pillars: the language commitment, academic instruction, and the host family experience. Together, they create a well-rounded linguistic and cultural immersion setting. This unique combination has proven successful since the IUHPFL’s inception in 1962 and makes the IUHPFL one of the most proven study abroad programs in the country. The IUHPFL challenges students on all levels: academically, personally, socially, emotionally, and physically.

As a total immersion program, students are not to speak English and live with a host family for the entire six-week period. The Chinese program is a stay of five weeks. The students are encouraged to take a fourth year of study related to their language during their senior year of high school.

Each component of the program has been developed to provide students with comprehensive language and cultural learning opportunities. Students take classes and participate in daily activities, ranging from sports such as soccer and dance to hiking and yoga. Other activities include choir and theatre. For further enrichment, all students travel on several excursions — included in the program fees — to historic sites. Each program site offers at least one overnight excursion.

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