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Student-run business features t-shirts
December 18, 2017

Ledbetter Love is one of Eagle Outfitters featured shirts.

While the Rubin Café may be the face of The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur’s program, Eagle Outfitters is an upcoming division supplying everyone on the Culver Academies’ campus with custom apparel.

The Eagle Outfitters team is  composed of three CGA seniors (Landon Neal, Natalie Harten, and Sobechukwu Uwajeh) and three CMA first classmen (Andrew Terhune, George Cruickshank, and Harrison Steck) running the startup business. They specialize in the printing of t-shirts, phone cases, and flags for various student organizations and non-profit groups. Using Teespring as a vendor, Eagle Outfitters is printing an average of 63 shirts per order.

The students gain insights into the challenges of operating a business while providing students and campus organizations with affordable apparel. Going from the design phase through approval and printing to delivery can take approximately three weeks.

Some of the campaigns the group has executed as of now include unit and dorm t-shirts, along with shirts for the Shattuck St. Mary’s hockey game, the Color Run, Zumba for a Cure, and Hurricane Relief.

Many of the shirts support various Senior Service Projects, as the 7.5 percent profit margin donated to the correlating non-profit organization. The Zumba for a Cure t-shirts are one example of the non-profit work, which Grace Kelly ’18 (South Bend, Indiana) used to benefit the Kelly Cares Foundation for breast cancer prevention and awareness.

The profits from the shirts, phone cases and flags go towards a scholarship fund for a future student of Culver Academies. The group has recently expanded its line to also include pillows, and they are considering custom hats.

While Eagle Outfitters is considered a campus entity, its website has drawn some international attention. In recent  weeks, visits from around the United States, Germany, China, and Norway have occurred.

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