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Working with campus store
December 12, 2018

The Eagles Outfitters group of The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur is going through a transformation this year. With the re-introduction of the online campus store, also named Eagle Outfitters, the students have narrowed their focus and are using the store’s resources to sell their products.

The new Eagle Outfitters logo.

The class is now focused on special events marketing, which includes the traditional T-shirts for football, basketball, and hockey. The students are currently selling the blackout T-shirt for the hockey games with Shattuck St. Mary’s in January. A reverse weave sweatshirt that carries the new Eagle Outfitters logo will also be sold in the campus store in the near future.

A new concept being worked on is an alumni reunion T-shirt and sweatshirt. Called “The Legion,” the concept is similar to “The Shirt,” which is sold each football season at the University of Notre Dame. A new design and color will be used each year to set each Legion shirt apart.

New this year is students being able to order their shirts throughout the day at the campus store. In the past, orders were only taken during lunch periods and the transaction had to be in cash. Now they can use a debit or credit card through the store. Using a special system through the store, Eagle Outfitters will be able to track the transaction and delivery of each shirt.

Some special clothing items, along specially etched wood and stainless steel products, will also be available in the campus store. A special section of the store will be set aside for the group’s products. The students will be making the etched products using the new laser cutters in the Pigott Center.

The group believes limiting the number of items for sale will “create more energy” around each product. Other items may include winter-based clothing like joggers, sweatpants, and crewneck sweatshirts, which will be available in the store.

Kari Brumback, the retail director of the campus store, is working with the students on ordering the products and making suggestions on what will sell. She meets with the class on a regular basis to discuss their ideas, make suggestions on the number of items to order, and review the designs based on what is selling. All clothing items are approved for regulation recreational wear.

Eagle Outfitters is one of two active entrepreneurial businesses at Culver. The Rubin Café is the other group that is managed by students in The Rubin School program.

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