Participation is highest in country
May 8, 2018

No one is surprised that the Culver Family made the first Culver Day of Giving a success. But the degree to which Culver Academies and Culver Summer Schools & Camps alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and students participated was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Megan MacNab Bekker ’87, Director of the Culver Fund, said 2,755 gifts were received for a total of over $1,297,000. The gift total far exceeded the original 1,550 gifts goal and the bonus unlock level at 2,018 gifts with eight hours still remaining in the day. The 2,755 gifts beat many private schools and several small colleges. She added, the $1,297,000 is second only to Exeter in amount given for a secondary school.

“We’re really impressed and blessed by the number of people who really care about this school, and we want to support this affinity moving forward,” Bekker said.

Some notables for the day included the Class of 2018, which sent a leader to deliver the Ziploc bag full of money collected from 100 percent of its class members. “The number of gifts from the Class of 2018 actually put us over goal,” she added. “That was very cool that it was the seniors and first classmen who broke the 1,550 goal.”

Parents, faculty and staff also played a major role throughout the day from making phone calls, engaging with the students to sign “Thank A Giver” postcards and contributed their own financial support. The facilities department deserves a special nod, she added, with its 100 percent participation encouraged by a match from the department head.

Bekker credited the heavy use of social media with building awareness about the Day of Giving and the engagement of the Culver community to its success. The short features on current instructors and retired faculty showed the importance of giving to those who make the impressions on our students for years to come.

The Day of Giving music video connected well with the younger alumni and current students. The student-created video was a service project led by second classman Kenneth Ezeaduigwu (Frisco, Texas) and Junior Chase Cortes (Chicago, Illinois). From the original lyrics, the directing, filming and editing, “This was a vessel for the kids to share their passion, talent and voice about Culver in their own words,” Bekker, who was their sponsor for the project, said.

Bekker thanked the lead donors, the alumni ambassadors, faculty, staff, and student volunteers who worked the day of the event and assisted in the seven months of planning leading up to April 18. “I am so proud of how the campus community came together,” she said. “And I am most grateful for our extended Culver Family who gave to support our students this year.”

The Day of Giving far exceeded the amount traditionally received by the two Culver Fund appeals it replaced and it exceeded the expectations of uniting the Culver Family on “One Day, as One Campus with One Mission.” Mission accomplished.

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