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Thinking outside the box on health
September 14, 2017

During a memorial service Saturday, Culver paid tribute to one of its faculty giants, Robert B.D. Hartman, who passed away July 28. His legacy includes time as counselor, master instructor, and later dean of admissions and executive secretary of the academy and alumni director.

Starting in 1989, Hartman was named the school’s first historian. He became known for his beloved history presentations to the student body, faculty, staff, and alumni. This circa 2007 presentation, posted this week on Culver Academies History Facebook page, was one of those presentations: Dr. Gignilliat . . . and Other Culver Medical Milestones. It is appropriate since this fall also marks the 110th anniversary of the construction of Culver’s Health Center (then the Infirmary).

Click here, for more on Bob Hartman’s presentations and his several books on Culver’s history. Click here for more on Hartman’s legacy.

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