Weather delays ceremony
August 23, 2018

Two hundred sixty-four new students received a stormy welcome to the Culver Academies campus when the annual Matriculation Ceremony was delayed until Tuesday evening due to threatening weather Monday. Classes started on schedule with a total of 845 students enrolled.

There are 492 boys enrolled in Culver Military Academy and 353 girls enrolled in Culver Girls Academy. They represent 37 states and 23 countries.

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At Tuesday’s matriculation ceremony each new student walked through the Logansport Gate and was welcomed by the Head of Schools Jim Power, CGA Dean Lynn Rasch, CMA Deputy Commandant Maj. Kevin Green, CGA Senior Prefect Elizabeth Brummell (Granger, Indiana) and CMA Regimental Commander Henry Stewart (Indianapolis).

A campus landmark, the Logansport Gate was a gift in 1914 from the city of Logansport in gratitude for the rescue efforts provided by the Culver cadets. Passing through the gate represents the beginning of each boy and girl’s Culver experience.

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In March 1913, Logansport city officials called upon Culver Military Academy to help rescue residents trapped by the flooded Eel and Wabash rivers. Culver sent a total of 60 cadets, 40 who were experienced in handling the summer Naval School’s four cutters, to take approximately 1,500 people to safety, many of whom were stranded on rooftops and second stories. Monday morning, the new cadets experienced first-hand the difficult task of rowing the summer crew boats similar to those used by the cadets in 1913.

The gate was refurbished thanks to a gift from the Class of 2001. A Class of 1952 gift established the Leadership Plaza, where the students are welcomed. The matriculation ceremony started in 2005. Passing through Logansport represents the beginning of each boy and girl’s Culver experience. They will end their Culver experience by graduating through The Iron Gate (CMA) or Graduation Arch (CGA).

The students, faculty, and staff did gather for the opening convocation in Eppley Auditorium as scheduled Monday evening. In his remarks, Power said school is not always a walk in the park. And Culver is intentionally designed to challenge students. Juggling all the balls may not always be possible. The lesson is that you must learn to live through adversity in order to lead through adversity.

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