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Second straight year
May 5, 2020

For the second consecutive year, a team from Culver Academies finished as the runner-up in the Indiana Economics Challenge. Sponsored by the Indiana Council for Economic Education, the challenge is administered by Purdue University. The competition was April 13.

The three-man team of (photos, left-to-right) Mario Rodriguez ’20 (Chicago), Ovidio Jasso ’21 (Merida, Mexico), and Jacob Bird ’20 (Culver) finished second to Carmel High School, which also won in 2019. The competition is designed to test students’ knowledge on a broad array of economic topics. The challenge, which feeds into a national competition, increases economic literacy by helping to create “better decision-makers, informed voters, knowledgeable consumers, and productive citizens,” according to the council’s website.

Because of the current stay-in-place mandates, the competition was conducted online. Economics instructor Andy Dorrel supervised the students via Zoom. The team competed in the David Ricardo division, which emphasized questions dealing with economic applications. The Adam Smith division dealt with economic theories. The online test lasted for 60 minutes.

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