July 22, 2013

The keelboat and coastal navigation sailing programs are setting records at Culver Summer Schools & Camps. Culver is the only non-profit sailing school to offer US Sailing certification in small boat, keelboat, and coastal navigation, according to Capt. Tim Miller, who oversees the naval program.

The Naval School has been offering keelboat certification since 2007 when the first five boats joined the fleet. The next year, five more keelboats were added. The addition of the boats was made possible by a gift from the Smitson family, he said.

The keelboat program has grown to include 96 campers spread out over three class periods, Miller said. The coastal navigation class, which is classroom work with charts, parallel rulers, and other tools, has grown to 21 students over three periods.

“They are basically learning what a GPS (Global Positioning System) does,” Miller said. “This summer, we had more students than tools. I had to buy additional parallel rulers.”

He added that most of the Naval School students will eventually finish with a US Sailing keelboat certification and the majority of those will also obtain their coastal navigation certification.

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