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Second in state, 23rd in nation
November 19, 2018

Two recent math competitions have shown that Culver Academies is home to some of the best high school mathematicians in the state and country.

Culver recently finished second in Indiana at the Nov. 10 Rose Hulman University competition in Terre Haute. Only Carmel finished higher. The competition allowed each school to enter one team of up to four people per grade level. The contest consisted of 20 multiple-choice questions. Five points were awarded for correct answers and a one-point penalty was assessed for an incorrect answer.

In the class competition, seniors Duo Zheng (Shanghai, China) was second and Aaron Wu (Shanghai) finished 10th; Michael Liu (Beijing) was ninth and Alan Yang (Lexington, Mass.) finished 12th as juniors; William Wei (San Jose, Calif.) was fourth, Tim Lin (Hangzhou, China) eighth, Rebecca Young (Canton, Mich.) 10th, and Evan Lu (Beijing) was 11th at the sophomore level; and Leshan Yang (Shanghai) was fourth and Moriah Bocker (Downers Grove, Ill.) 12th at the freshman level.

In the national Fall Startup Event, administered by National Assessment & Testing, was given earlier in the school year. Students were given 30 minutes to answer 100 problems in a variety of mathematical topics.

An individual competition, the Fall Startup had each student trying to solve as many fast and easy problems as they can within the time limit.  Topics range from arithmetic to calculus, including topics that are not covered in the standard high school curriculum. Zheng placed 20th in the senior division.

National Assessment & Testing’s Tom Clymer, the director of the competition, said “It’s a lot like a musician practicing scales; these common operations and problems can become second-nature and nearly instantaneous.”  With so many questions and so little time, competitors must not only have strong mathematical skills, but also be able to quickly decide which problems to solve and which to skip.

Culver will be participating in all four of National Assessment & Testing’s contests this year. The team is waiting on the Nov. 8 Team Scramble results right now. The Ciphering Time Trials are on Dec. 13 and Four-by-Four Competition is Jan. 31.

Coaching the team are instructors Mehdi Meziane and Dustin Smith.


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