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Bringing students, alumni, parents together
March 16, 2017

As students make their way through Culver, the lessons they learn in leadership and character go beyond the purely academic and into the realm of the practical.

This will be exemplified to a great extent this weekend as nearly 100 Culver alumni and parents share the lessons they have learned with seniors and first classmen during Culver Connections: Ethical Leadership in the Workplace. The event is hosted by the Culver Legion and the Culver Alumni Office with support from The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur.

Culver Connections enlists alumni and parents, along with Culver’s leadership faculty, for a weekend of dynamic networking sessions, mock interviews, career conversations, ethical discussions and the beginnings of relationships with the Culver Legion.

By the end of the weekend, students learn firsthand how these professionals have handled their own ethical issues and decisions. One of the goals is to provide them with practical tools to help them with the decisions they no doubt will have to make in the future.

“Culver Connections weekend allows our alumni and students to meet on common ground to listen and respond to the valuable stories of ethical challenges they have faced in the workplace,” said Dr. John Yeager, the director of Culver’s Center for Character Excellence. “By combining mentoring and modeling with real-time dialogue and mock interviews, our seniors and alumni co-celebrate their Culver heritage and see the immense value in the networking offered through the Culver Legion.”

Ninety-two alumni and parents, more than any other year, will be joining Culver’s students this year. The program begins Friday with a networking dinner for seniors and facilitators, sponsored by The Rubin School. The keynote speaker for the evening will be Jay Wilkinson, investor, entrepreneur and CEO of Hoosier Investments.

On Saturday, seniors and first classmen meet with the adult facilitators for mock interviews and career conversations. Guests for the event work in a broad variety of fields, from medicine, law and business, to the sciences, entertainment, and military and educational fields, to name just a few.

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