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Private walk-through
October 12, 2018

The Borrower (2018)

The Culver Club of New York City is sponsoring a unique event on Saturday, Oct. 27 featuring contemporary artist Nathaniel Mary Quinn ’96.

Quinn will provide a private walk-through of his inaugural exhibition at Salon 94 and first large-scale presentation in New York. Salon 94 Bowery is located at 243 Bowery near Stanton Street.

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Quinn and his exhibit, The Land, were recently featured in The New Yorker. Oct. 27 is the final day for the exhibit.

The exhibit features work “created in acrylic, charcoal, gouache, oil paint sticks, and gold leaf, he paints hybrid, fractured portraits – balancing between the beautiful and the grotesque, the sinister and the benevolent. Quinn’s sleight of hand becomes more and more pronounced as his figures are further fractured and divided; a Cubist technique of painted trompe l’oeil collage.”

Salon 94 says “Quinn’s singular approach to portraiture is both high associative and autobiographical, and includes family and friends, teachers, neighbors, and interlopers.”

Quinn, a native of the South Side of Chicago, is now living in the Crown Heights neighborhood, a diverse working class black community undergoing rapid gentrification. The Land is populated by 15 portraits inspired by people in his neighborhood.

“I love my neighbors,” he wrote for the exhibit. “We speak nearly every day. They have embraced me into their world – their land. Now, it is my home, my neighborhood. Many have lived here for more than half a century, and while they have witnessed much change, never have they seen the dramatic alteration currently in motion on account of gentrification.”

Quinn was inducted as an honorary member of Culver Academies’ Cum Laude Society in 2017.  You can listen to his acceptance speech here.

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