February 4, 2015

When a massive fire destroyed Smithfield Stables in nearby Edwardsburg, Mich., it killed 18 horses, a donkey, and a dog on Nov. 11. It also jeopardized the filming of the small, independent movie Rodeo Girl.

The movie, which had been filming near Grand Rapids, Mich., since October, was scheduled to use Smithfield’s facilities two days later to finish shooting. The fire forced the movie crew to find another facility large enough. When someone associated with Smithfield contacted Culver Academies, the Horsemanship Department offered the Vaughn Equestrian Center, its horses, and members of the jump team to help finish the film.

WSBT-TV, which has been following the progress of the Rodeo Girl since it started filming in October, shadowed the film crew while on it was on campus Sunday, Jan. 25, to do a news segment on how the Horsemanship Department staff and students helped out in this time of need. Click here to watch the segment that aired Tuesday, Feb. 3.

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