December 12, 2013

Culver Academies’ annual Holiday Concert on Dec. 10 proved to be a big hit with the audience, both at Eppley Auditorium and the Internet.

The audience attending the concert donated $1,027 in cash and three large boxes of canned goods, toys, and outerwear for children. All the proceeds will benefit the Marshall County Neighborhood Center in Plymouth, Ind.

The concert was open to the public and people could purchase tickets for $10 each or the donation of an equal amount of non-perishable food items or children’s coats, hats, gloves, boots, and scarves. Including students, between 1,000 and 1,200 attended.

The performance of holiday songs and music featured the Academies’ Jazz Band, under the direction of David Weirich; the Choir, directed by Stacey Warren; the Orchestra, directed by Maj. Bill Browne; and the Concert Band, under the direction of Chad Gard, and members from Dancevision, under the direction of Cathy Duke. A total of 167 students performed 21 pieces of music. Browne added that “at least six” elves also helped with the production.

Nearly 1,400 families watched and listened over the Internet since the concert was broadcast live using the webcasting service High School Cube. Used primarily for athletics, this was the first time it has been used by Culver for a Fine Arts presentation and quickly became the largest audience to date. Browne said people in 13 states, China, Korea, Germany, and even Afghanistan (Shindand Air Base) watched online.

There is no charge for High School Cube. People can watch Culver hockey and basketball home games by clicking here.

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